FY2020, NPO Fukushima Dialogue
Announce for launching a new project – the Dialogue Kiroku Project

23 August, 2020
Dear Past Dialogue Participants,
Ryoko Ando, Chief Director
Genkatsu Kanno, Vice Director
Takahiro Hanzawa, Secretary General
NPO Fukushima Dialogue

Due to the current global pandemic crisis, we have not been able to schedule Dialogue meetings for this year. But we would like to inform you once we get the schedule. We hope we can all meet again soon!
In the meantime, we are glad to announce that we are launching a new project – the Dialogue Kiroku Project. In this project, as the Japanese word Kiroku means recording, we will re-organize the record of the past Dialogue meetings and make a booklet / website that shows our trajectory. For this purpose, we may get in touch with you and would like to ask for your cooperation.
About the Project
With the permission from participants, we have kept the records of past Dialogue meetings – the programs, presentation slides and videos. In the websites of Ethos in Fukushima and Fukushima Dialogue, they are open to the public.

Recorded websites We believe that the records carry special significance because they have recorded the reality of Fukushima after the nuclear accident in real-time – not only the social changes after the accident and people’s response to the crisis but also their thoughts and feelings. There were many narratives of the nuclear accident, but there were few directly recorded real voices and emotions of various people affected by the accident.
However, the records only sit there unarranged for now, as if they are buried in the pile of information. As the starting point, we want to re-arrange the content and make it easy to understand so that it can reach more people.
Unique about the Dialogue was that people from various backgrounds came to talk about their experiences. By shedding light on such experiences, we hope to gain greater insight into the reconstruction process, if not getting the whole aspect of it.
On the technical side, as we have organized 21 Dialogue meetings so far, there is perhaps too much information in the records. Since it is difficult for us to re-organize everything in one year, we would like to start by finding some themes and re-organizing the records by those themes.
In this project, we hope you can take a trip down memory lane with us.
The output of the project
We will make a booklet of our trajectory after the accident. Please give us your mailing address if you wish to receive a hard copy. The booklet will be written in Japanese, but we will also publish the English version as the online content on the NPO Fukushima Dialogue website. If our budget permits, we may be able to make the English version of the booklet.
After September 2020, we will be releasing the content of the booklet piece by piece on our website. By the end of March 2021, we will try to add English versions to them. The website shall be bilingual. Please visit the website of Fukushima Dialogue and keep updated.
Your contribution
We would like to include a list of past Dialogue participants in the booklet and webpage. If you do not wish your name included, please let us know. Also, we may contact you individually to ask for your cooperation to develop the content. We thank you in advance for your help.
We have lost the contacts of some of the participants in past Dialogue meetings. If anyone around you does not know about this new project, please let them know. We will appreciate it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. The email of us is info.
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