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[Announcement of participation] Remplex: 2021 Global Summit on Environmental Remediation

Remplex:2021 Global Summit on Environmental Remediation will be held by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in cooperation with the IAEA.

The conference will be held entirely as a virtual conference, which can be viewed from anywhere in the world as long as you have an online connection. (English only)

In addition to the live webcast, a recording will also be made available.
(19 Nov.) You can watch the whole recording video of the conference here → https://www.pnnl.gov/remplex-2021-recordings

Ando, the director of NPO Fukushima Dialogue, will be participating in the Fukushima case study on the second day, 9 November.

Ando’s presentation will look at what the decontamination of Fukushima has meant to the residents and its impact on them from a social perspective.

The overall discussion focuses on how to involve stakeholders, formulate better policies, and communicate with them.

This type of debate is rarely seen in Japan, but it is a focused issue at international conferences on topics such as the environment.

To register, please visit the link.