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Meeting with IRSN and CEPN on future cooperation

 On Friday 8 September 2023, a meeting was held between the French Institute of Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), the French Nuclear Protection Evaluation Centre (CEPN) and NPO Fukushima Dialogue (NPO-FD) to discuss future cooperation.

 IRSN, the leading French public body for research and expertise on nuclear and radiological risks, alongside the non-profit association CEPN, focused on the protection of humans against the dangers of ionizing radiation as regards their health, societal and economic effects, involved in Japan since the Fukushima nuclear accident, are firmly resolved to continue to participate in understanding the Fukushima reconstruction process. It is in this perspective that our Association was invited to discuss the possibility of continuing cooperation in the near future.

After exchanging their current activities and discussing their future projects, the three organizations made the following decisions;

  • IRSN and CEPN will actively participate to the next Dialogue in October 2023
  • IRSN will create an internal working group dedicated to monitoring the recovery process in cooperation with the CEPN
  • The working group will Identify possible topics for the next Dialogue meetings in cooperation with the NPO-FD advisory Committee
  • IRSN and CEPN will work to define a possible joint project with NPO-FD, also involving Japanese and European universities as well as national and international organizations (among others the ICRP and the OECD-NEA)
  • The three organizations will begin writing a summary article on their cooperation around the Fukushima Dialogues which they will submit to a prestigious journal.