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  • Kiroku Project: Reflecting on the Fukushima Dialogue as a Reading Material. 2020 Subsidized by Fukushima Prefectural Government in FY2020
Healing the Division - Exchange with other affected areas connecting their experiences

by Ryoko Ando Another characteristic of the Dialogue was the presence of the participants from abroad. In fact, we received many guests from different countries and cultures. This was because the Dialogue started out as the ICRP Dialogue Initiative. The ICRP is an independent, international, and non-governmental organization of radiation experts. Answering ICRP’s calls, experts […]

published on 2021.02.16
Healing the division - The role of tradition culture in connecting a fractured community

by Ryoko Ando So far, we have looked at the divisions created after the nuclear power plant accident. Now we will turn to the healing efforts that emerged in parallel with these problems. The Dialogue was one of these efforts. As described in the section “What is our Dialogue?”, its foundation is the post- Chernobyl […]

published on 2021.02.10
The divide as seen from the Dialogue (3)

by Ryoko Ando Up to now, our focus has been the divide inside Fukushima. But the accident also created a huge gap between Fukushima Prefecture and the rest of Japan. This divide was often discussed in the Dialogue, as people from outside participated in the sessions. If radiation was the problem, discussing the prefectural difference […]

published on 2021.02.05
The divide as seen from the Dialogue (2)

by Ryoko Ando Each Dialogue meeting had a different color, reflecting its theme or the participants’ character. But looking back, sessions on education and child-rearing were memorable for the strained atmosphere. The participants sounded guarded and wary, as if they did not dare speak freely. It may have reflected the difficulty of talking about radiation […]

published on 2021.02.02
The divide as seen from the Dialogue (1)

by Ryoko Ando Divide is one of the words that became widely used after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power accident. It is a tricky word. It sounds convincing and we stop thinking what it really means, like, “Divide―Yes, that should be it.” However, the word itself does not explain the nature of the divide, what […]

published on 2021.02.01