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[Media Appearances] Appeared on NHK’s “Sunday Debate” Interview in the Nougyou Kyoudou Kumiai Shimbun’s electronic edition.

August 30, 2023

NHK Sunday Debate

Following the start of the discharge of ALPS treated water into the ocean, NPO Fukushima Dialogue, through the voice of its President Ryoko Ando, expressed its position in last NHK’s Sunday Debate: Discharge of Treated Water – Future Issues and Fukushima’s Recovery” broadcast on August 27, 2023.


What do you think about the start of the discharge of treated water from nuclear power plants? Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Nishimura, the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, and experts thoroughly discussed the issue. How to prevent damage caused by harmful rumors, and the path to decommissioning and reconstruction.

The gist of Ando’s remarks is:

The politicians in positions of responsibility may not have provided sufficient explanation not only to the fishermen but also to the local communities.
A system to involve stakeholders from the beginning of the decision-making process is necessary. This approach is called “stakeholder involvement” and is being attempted worldwide. We hope that the political and administrative sides will recognize the importance of this approach for the future progress of Fukushima’s decommissioning and recovery.

Through Sunday, September 3, NHK subscribers can view it online at the following link: https: //plus.nhk.jp/watch/st/g1_2023082715514

Agricultural Cooperative Newspaper

In connection with NHK’s “Sunday Debate,” an interview was published in the Agricultural Cooperative News.

For more information, please see the linked article.

The Problems of Decision-Making that Came into Sight: Why Not Include Stakeholders? Ms Ryoko Ando, President of NPO Fukushima Dialogue

NPO Fukushima Dialogue