The Records of the 25th Fukushima Dialogue (videos and PPTs)

 All records (videos + slides) of the 25th Fukushima Dialogue: Living Together after the Nuclear Accident, held on Sunday 15 October 2023 at the Futaba Town Industrial Exchange Centre Conference Room , are now available.

10:00  Opening remark: Ryoko Ando


10:05 Current situation of Futaba : Kunihiro Hiraiwa, Vice Mayor of Futaba Town

10:30   Activity in Okuma Town: Aki Sato, Resident of Okuma

11:10 Activity in Katsurao : Maiya Ryohei, Katsurao Muradukuri Kosya

11:40 Relationship of Trust for Solidarity among Individuals and Communities in Uncertain Times:  Aya Kubota  Tohoku University

12:15 The UK experience with farmers affected by Chernobyl post-accident restrictions : Anne Nisbet, UK

13:45 What we learned on resilience from FDNPP accident. Jean-Christophe Gariel, IRSN

Structured Dialogue

14:00 Question to be discussed: What are the conditions and means favoring good living together in Fukushima affected areas in the future?

Facilitator: Ryoko Ando. Rapporteurs: Jacques Lochard and Thu Zar Win
11 Participants
 Kunihiro Hiraiwa: Futaba Town, Aya Kubota :Tohoku University, Masato Tanaka: Ohtemon Gakuin University, Aki Sato :Okuma, Yuko Hirohata : Odaka, Minami-Soma  Akio Hayashi: NPO InVisible,  Harue Sampei: Tsushima, Namie; Thierry Schneider: CEPN, France; Anne Nisbet: UK, Akiko Uno: Evacuee from Fukushima-City to Kyoto

Round 1:5 min 30 sec each
Round 2:3 min each

15:15 Report of the site visit to Tsushima, Namie-Town on Saturday 14th

15:30  Summary by rapporteurs (10 min.) : Jacques Lochard, Thu Zar Win

16:40 General discussion

16:55 Information about the Advisory Committee by the Chair:  Thierry Schneider

17:00 Closing remark : Ryoko Ando NPO Fukushima Dialogue