[Publishing Paper] Report on the 24th Fukushima Dialogue “Creating the Future of Fukushima Together With The Next Generation” published

 An English translation of a paper reporting on the 24th Fukushima Dialogue held in 2022 has been submitted to and published in Radioprotection, the journal of the French SFRP (French Society of Radiation Protection).

 This is a reprint of the content published in Risk Studies, Vol. 32, No. 4, with the permission of both Risk Studies and Radioprotection, translated into English and adjusted for Radioprotection.
 In addition to the dialogue and other activities in the affected areas, the NPO Fukushima Dialogue will continue to communicate and document the current state of reconstruction in Fukushima internationally in parallel.

 We would like to thank all those who participated in the dialogue, shared their opinions and helped to organise it.