Kiroku Project
In 2020 we launched a new project named “The Dialogue Kiroku Project”. As of today, the vast records from the ICRP dialogue seminar and Fukushima Dialogue have not been preserved with future use in mind. The Kiroku project aims to classify and re-organize the information so they may be passed on to the future generation. We plan to post reports on a regular basis, in both Japanese and English. At the end of 2020, a booklet will be published and distributed to those who request.
Our aim is to record the trajectory of what happened in Fukushima after the nuclear accident, focusing on the thoughts and actions of the people who lived in Fukushima at the time. ICRP Dialogue and Fukushima Dialogue encouraged people to speak about their actual experiences in daily lives, from a wide range of themes, from food safety to return to evacuation zones, etc. We are committed to reflecting the voices of ordinary citizens and their actual challenges/experiences in daily life throughout Kiroku project.
Kiroku project has been adopted as a recipient of Fukushima Prefecture’s grant to support rehabilitation activities.